Calum Duncan: Wonder Life Deneath the Scottish Seas

Thursday 27th February 2003

Please note change of date

For this talk we are welcoming along Calum Duncan, the Marine Conservation Society (MCS)'s Conservation Officer for Scotland. Care has to be taken of course not to mix them up with MCofS - Mountaineering Council of Scotland!

In selecting this speaker we are remembering that protecting the coastline around Longhaven, just south of Peterhead, was one of NEMT's first challenges. A visit to their website: gives a hint of the little known lives of the turtles, the basking sharks and the many cetaceans (ie marine mammals such porpoises and dolphins) that live in our waters.

With threats, however, such as oil pollution, unregulated deepwater fisheries, unsustainable commercial fisheries, bad fish-farming practices, sewage and marine litter pollution, the "Wonder Life Beneath Scottish Seas" doesn't have its problems to seek. There is little doubt we have a lot to learn from what Calum has to tell us about what is living out there, and what else is happening in the waters around Scotland.

Venue: Belmont Club, 218 Hardgate, Aberdeen (map)

Talk starts at 8.00 pm

Admission 2.50    Concessions 1.50

NEMT members will be admitted at the lower price, on production of a current membership card. As a member, in addition to this concessionary rate, you will receive regular newsletters and the annual report.

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