The Cairngorms of Scotland

by Stuart Rae and Adam Watson
Eagle Crag Ltd
Aberdeen 1998
printed by J Thomson Colour Printers Ltd, Glasgow.

It is not every day we can announce a new book written by two of our members - may we be amongst the first to welcome this publication as a beautiful and important contribution towards our literature on the Cairngorms. The old adage "a picture speaks a thousand words" never had a finer context than with this book which sports a magnificent colour print on virtually every page. Turning away from the political barrage and Munro bashing aspects of these mountains this book concentrates on their true aesthetic value and gives us all a timely reminder about why it is we feel so passionately about them. From a shot of a single black darter basking on the sun-warmed granite, to a red deer calf on its first day resting wide eyed amongst the heather, to great vista shots showing the mountains in all of their seasons - this work of art makes a welcome addition to any collection.

Jennifer A. Cook

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