Cairngorm Forest and Woodland Framework
Public Consultation

During late September/early October the Macaulay Research & Consultancy Services and Irvine Ross Forestry Management held a series of meetings with two at each of Dunkeld, Ballater and Aviemore. The purpose of the meetings is to consult with local interested parties as part of their remit to develop proposals for some woodland objectives outlined in the Cairngorm Partnership Management Strategy. As Dick Balharry had us all otherwise occupied on the Ballater evening Donald Thomas and myself took the treck through the Cairngorms to attend the Aviemore meeting - and very worthwhile it was too.

The team, ably headed by Eric Baird Chief Warden from Glen Tanner, formerly on the Cairngorm Partnership Board, welcomed a full house and the team took us through the comprehensive mapping of the area using the new GIS technology. Attendees were then split into 4 groups to list what they did and did not want to see in the Proposals. During the presentations it became clear the seeds for many ideas were being put forward and, as with anything in nature, given the right conditions they will flourish. Given the wrong conditions however they will lie dormant like seeds in a desert.

In this context it was put forward at the meeting that, what with the Land Reform Policy currently being revamped, National Parks just having been confirmed, and in the ultimate dependency on the mercy of the land owners - what sort of conditions are we creating right now? There was one thing for sure however - we all have an interest in looking after our heritage.
Jennifer A Cook

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