Remote Working Footpath Repair

The National Trust for Scotland contacted NEMT to ask our views on their planned use of temporary cabins for the teams working on the footpaths in Coire Etchachan and Coire Odhair this year. This system of Remote Working has been used successfully in Torridon in past years. The cabins will be the subject of a planning application and NTS are consulting SNH. In our response we indicated that we are supportive of the work subject to:

"We trust that all aspects of the proposed work will follow the Path Industry Skills Group standards, as set out in "Upland Pathwork, Construction Standards for Scotland", to which Dougie Baird was a contributor. We assume that the bothies near each remote site are considered unsuitable. This being the case, we have no objection to the use of this system for necessary pathwork at these two remote locations, provided the environmental impact is minimised and temporary. The units need to be managed appropriately for the locations. In particular, the positioning should be carefully chosen and full reinstatement made immediately on completion of the work. This would include the removal of the anchoring bolts mentioned in the description."

I trust that this meets with the approval of NEMT members. I would be interested to hear the views of members who come across this work.

Donald Thomas, 27th February 2000

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