In the last newsletter, Jennifer Cook reported on the work of the Recreational Forum. Since then, the Partnership has published their Annual Report and the results of the Landowners Survey.

The Partnership, funded by the Scottish executive, has an important role in effectively preparing for the proposed National Park. It is charged with preparing and implementing an integrated management strategy for the Cairngorms area. Like many modern institutions, it is an enabling mechanism and doesn’t undertake any work itself, but coordinates and funds others, typically the Partners. An important role is to publicise this work and the achievements of the partners.


The Annual Report itself documents, in some detail, what the Partnership achieved in 2000 –2001. Repeating the long list of achievements here would do little other than help any insomniacs. However, some more interesting snippets are listed below:-

Areas where the Partnership didn’t fully meet its objectives include:-

The above is just a summary and gives disproportionate profile to areas where the objectives weren’t met as the much shorter list is revealing about where future problems lie. People wishing to learn more about the Partnership’s work should get a copy of their annual report.


The landowners survey is the second in the series, building on the 1998 – 99 survey. This year, about 45% of the landowners replied, up from 41% in the previous survey. Although, the larger owners tend to have a better response rate, resulting in the survey covering 70% of the land area.

The survey is important because landowners are responsible for the management of most of the land in the Partnership area outside the towns and villages. They need to manage their holdings on a commercial basis. Even mass-movement bodies, such as the National Trust for Scotland manage their land on a commercial basis, even if at times subsidised. These commercial activities form a fundamental ingredient of the economic health of the area.

The survey has a wealth of data, which is difficult to summarise. Some key findings are listed below:-

The results are difficult to interpret as it’s difficult to compare the relative value of activities and businesses not connected with the landowners. These survey results would indicate that timber and field sports make up a very significant part of the area economy. The true impact of tourism is almost certainly more due to the contribution from people unconnected with the landowners. Maybe this should form part of a future survey? As noted above, the detailed information can be obtained from the Cairngorms Partnership.

More information on National Park matters, plus both of the above Reports are available on the Partnership website,

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