International Year of Mountains 2002 – “We are all Mountain People”

IYM 2002 2002 is International Year of Mountains – a United Nations designation reserved for subjects of priority concern to all or the majority of countries. This is partly to concur with the tenth anniversary of the Rio Earth Summit; a “Rio Plus Ten” summit is planned to take place in Johannesburg in September 2002 and among its objectives is an assessment of progress towards meeting Agenda 21 targets, including Chapter 13 the “Mountain Agenda”. IYM activities all around the world will feed both directly and indirectly into this process.

The broad aims of International Year of Mountains are:

About 35 countries' governments have established national committees to take forward IYM. The UK government has declined to do so, but in Scotland a partnership of NGOs (including NEMT), with support from SNH and UHI Millennium Institute, are contributing financially or in kind to use the opportunity presented by IYM to raise the profile of sustainable mountain development in Scotland.

The project proposal for IYM in Scotland outlines a four-pronged approach to IYM:

A programme of mountain-themed events for 2002 is currently being finalised, ranging from conferences and research to concerts, exhibitions, lectures, guided walks and practical conservation work. The latest draft of the year’s programme, along with background and many more details about the project, can be found on the “Events” page of the IYM Scotland website.

For further information, or if you want to participate or comment, please contact:

Andrew Macpherson
Co-ordinator, International Year of Mountains
Centre for Mountain Studies
Perth College UHI Millennium Institute
Crieff Road
Perth PH1 2NX
Tel 01738 877 885
Fax 01738 631 364

Website for IYM in Scotland:

United Nations IY website:

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