Good News for the Chairwoman

Members may recall our April 2002 lecture when Ron Macdonald of SNH came to talk to us on "National Parks - An Antipodean Perspective". Well knowing Ron at Aberdeen University I was looking forward to the talk. Little did I realise, however, this would result in my winning a Winston Churchill Travelling Fellowship the following spring! Yes, Ron had won such a fellowship to enable him to take this trip and he recommended I looked at their website - Sure enough amongst the year's categories was one on Europe.

Well, via my position on SEPA North Board I have learned about the challenges facing Scotland to implement the European Waste Framework 1975. The rest of Europe had taken on the Directive when it was introduced and as a result are streets ahead of us in handling their waste. So, in short, I was called down for an interview, with Hon Jeremy Soames, grandson to the Sir Winston Churchill being on the panel and bearing a "jaw-dropping" resemblance to the main man, and I have now heard I have secured a place. These Fellowships, set up as a legacy to Sir Winston, are available to all regardless of education, age etc so may I recommend a visit to the website! I have even started reading autobiographies on this great man and they are turning out to be extraordinarily interesting!!

Jennifer A Cook, April 2003

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