Book Review

Scottish Wild Land Group, Scotland's Wild Land - What Future ISBN 0-9543790-0-4

Enclosed with this issue of Mountain Views was a colour flier on this booklet. Further information can be found on their website -

This makes for a very tidy publication. As stated in the Forward "The purpose of this is booklet is therefore to bring together the thoughts of some leading figures at a time when wild land has gained a higher public profile than ever before. Its ten articles offer a variety of perspectives on the relevance of wild land resource, our relationship to it and visions for securing its future. The booklet aims to complement and build upon the work already achieved, and is our contribution to the International Year of the Mountains."

The names I recognise are Martin Price, Nick Kemp, Mark Wrightham and Alan Blackshaw - and whilst I can vouch for the latter being first class guys I can confirm the articles are all excellent with clear layout and great photography. Yes, if you are needing a wee reminder of what this mountain movement is all about - then look no further than this - a mere snip at 4 plus 1 p&p.

Jennifer A Cook, April 2003

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