Thanks to Maureen for Lectures Galore

A "lecture"? Is this the right name for an evening's entertainment where you can hear the well-illustrated tales of NEMT's hand picked intrepid adventurers, or learn from someone well versed in your special area of interest? Yes, venturing out on a cold winter's evening brings not only this but also the rewards of the company of like minded friends in a cosy venue with a well-stocked bar at your disposal.

Whatever you call them, this short article is to record NEMT's special thanks to Maureen Stuchbury who has organised 16 consecutive seasons of speakers. Yes, from October to April, NEMT has benefited from speakers who have taken us from the Himalayas to the Cairngorms and covered such wide-ranging topics from the Reconstruction of the Dodo to the Future of the Planet. Many thanks Maureen, your stalwart efforts are greatly appreciated and have done much to contribute towards the continued success and value of NEMT.

Now, whilst we have a group putting together our 2004 / 5 programme of speakers, yes, not without some able hand over from Maureen, we do have a cry of "help" for someone to step in and help fill the significant gap that Maureen is leaving. The good news is that Maureen is not leaving the scene altogether and may even be helping out in other areas of NEMT activities henceforth. Additional help from folk to come early to assist with chair, screen and projector layout would also be appreciated.

So, is you are interested please do not hesitate to contact us via our website and we will gladly cue you in to whatever stage we are at when you appear. We await your call !


Jennifer A Cook, Spring 2004

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