EU Elections and Your Postcard

Your enclosed blue card, simulating the 12 starred EU flag, has been produced by the "everyone"campaign co-ordinated by Scottish Environment LINK and which is themed 'your environment, your vote'. In the run up to the European election on 10 June 2004 we want all political parties and potential Scottish MEPs to make a commitment to the environment. Whilst 95% of everyoneScots interviewed in a recent MORI poll said that the protection of the environment was an issue that was important to them personally, just 22% were certain to vote!

We need to close this gap and this campaign has been launched to ensure our MEPs deliver the environmental protection and support needed in Scotland. As up to 90% of Scotland environmental legislation starts life at the European Parliament so the 10 June represents an ideal opportunity for the Scottish public to influence future environmental legislation.

There is a very succinct website that goes along with this campaign and on it you will see the 12 stars represent the 12 issues as follows: Landscape, Water, Agriculture, Climate Change, Biodiversity, Waste, Participation, Toxic chemicals, Global, Marine, Transport, Environmental Justice. There is a tidy summary for each on the website

As it states on the website - you, the voter, are the most important person in the minds of politicians right now – that means you, and you can help. Ahead of voting on 10 June one of the most important things you can do now is simply ask your MEP candidates what they are going to do for the environment if elected. This will make each and every MEP realise how much this counts to their electorate and so NEMT encourages our readers to complete and post the card in time for the June elections.


Jennifer A Cook, Spring 2004

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