The Everyone Climate Change Campaign

After two successful everyone campaigns, at the last Holyrood Election and the 2004 European Election, North East Mountain Trust, along with 25 other environmental NGOs, are gearing up for the big events of 2005. With the forecasted General Election and the G8 just around the corner, the everyone campaign will focus on a topic that has implications on global, national and local levels: climate change.

Climate change impacts fundamentally on NEMT’s aim to conserve the environment of the hills of northeast Scotland for the benefit of the public wishing to take recreation there, both now and in the future. With a covering of snow, the mountain landscape is transformed, providing many opportunities to engage with the outdoors even in the midst of winter; an experience many of us treasure. With the current climate change forecasts, snow-and-ice climbing, ski-mountaineering, cross-country skiing as well as the winter experience of hillwalking are all at risk. It is now time we act and ask politicians what they will do to tackle climate change.

everyoneAs in previous campaigns, everyone aims to provide information, enable people to get their own voice heard and encourage people to vote, If you are concerned about the environment and climate change, you can learn more and take action online at

Here there are several opportunities for you to take advantage of.

You could:

So, make the most of your voice – challenge your candidates on what they will be doing to tackle climate change and make sure you vote!

Susan Warren, Everyone Campaign Co-ordinator, Scottish Environment LINK

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