HILLTREK IN ABOYNE – Did you know?

Aboyne based Hilltrek Outdoor Clothing has more going on in it than a lot of folk realise. Their in-house 'Made to Measure' and Repair Service for outdoor clothing is established and they have recently added a seam-seal capability. They now make and repair shell laminated and non-laminated waterproof fabric and seal logos embroidered on waterproof shell fabric garments.

Hilltrek has also recently secured a prestigious licence from Nikwax Directional Textiles, the sister company of Páramo, to use Nikwax Analogy® fabric to manufacture their own range of Outdoor Clothing. This is one of only two licences granted outside Páramo.

Gaining the licence was a tough assignment, as all garments bearing the Nikwax Analogy® badge must attain stringent standards including a minimum 4-hour resistance to 3cm of rain per hour as tested in Leeds University Rain Room. Their excellent website, www.hilltrek.co.uk, complete with on-line shop is well worth a visit. It is a busy time for Hilltrek however, with several of the staff complaining that all this hard work is curtailing garment testing on the hills!

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