Pressendye Windfarm

In mid March there was a follow-up submission from the developers Cushnie Wind Energy Ltd covering, on the whole, additional environmental information. No date has, as yet, been fixed for hearing the proposal, although it is assumed that this will take place towards summer. It is worth re-iterating that the turbines will be massive in relation to the height of the hill. The main ridge averages some 600 metres / 2000 feet at its eastern end, protruding about 300metres or 1000 feet from the surrounding farmland. The height of the seven turbine blades is intended to be about 130 metres or 420 feet almost all of which will be visible above the skyline, whether from Royal Deeside, Tarland or the Cushnie area.

Along with the local anti-turbine body, Cushnie Wind Action Group (CWAG), N.E.M.T. will be keeping tabs on any developments and will continue to voice our concerns on the scale of such a visual intrusion, not only on Deeside but on the doorstep of the local inhabitants. The developers are ensuring that his is a very active proposal and, indeed, a poll of the local inhabitants is currently being conducted on their behalf. Not surprisingly, it is being carried out during the day when a substantial number of residents are at work!!

More information can be found on the website.

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