NEMT 2009 Membership Survey

NEMT Members will have seen our consultation questionnaire that we sent out earlier this year. At the time of writing, we have had a good response and have quite a respectable body of material to work with. We are still waiting for some replies. In particular, some of out Member Clubs are still working on their response. So, what follows is an interim view that will be updated.

Here is our view of the themes emerging (some strongly!). You will see that some of the themes try to balance a cross-section of views. Inevitably, this sort of survey produces a range of opinion. We have tried to reflect this range in the summary below.

Some phrases that caught our eye in terms of neatly expressing an argument are set out below: -

We will continue to update this summary as we get additional replies back and plan to publish a final version before the summer. At this stage, we are very pleased with the outcome and consider the exercise to have been well worthwhile. The themes above confirm much of our existing direction but give some very useful guidelines for choosing how to focus our efforts and hence maximise our leverage.

Hopefully, this sharper focus should improve our effectiveness in the future.

David Windle, NEMT Chairman

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