Beauly to Denny 400kV Line

Well, here's one that we and many other like-minded groups definitely lost! You will all have seen in the national news that the Government has granted planning permission to build the upgraded power transmission line. The news reporting made a big play on our central objection, namely the massive size of the new pylons. So, although the media picked up on this key point, the Scottish Government failed to.

In the end, the mantra that renewables must expand at any cost lead to a poor decision. We, of course, support the move to expand renewable energy but consider that decisions must be balanced and not simply follow blind adherence to any one option, no matter how attractive it appears.

Realistically, the time has now passed to discuss options of burying sections of the line or of rerouting away from some of most special scenery. We have to make the best of what we've now got. The Government appeared to offer some hope with promises of "local mitigations". The CNPA is heavily involved with discussing this. They put a lot of resources into the Inquiry and currently leading in this area.

If specific issues arise, we will act in support of our colleagues in Badenoch & Strathspey.

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