Pressendye Wind Farm Proposals

Readers of Mountain Views will know how long this push to get the Queen’s View bedecked with massive pylons has been going on - the strategy of the developer is definitely to pursue us into battle fatigue! In our Spring 2008 issue, when we copied in one of our several objections to Aberdeenshire Council on this subject we stated “To this end, we do accept the need for a renewable energy policy, BUT deem it necessary that a positive nationwide policy of zoning should be adopted, rather than the current piecemeal approach which brings into question the efficacy of the whole.” Yes, one of the agreed most beautiful views in Scotland would be a non-windmill zone and Aberdeenshire Council seemed to agree as they refused the planning permission.

Here is an update on what has been happening...

The inquiry into the appeal by the developer, Atmos Consulting Ltd., against Aberdeenshire Council’s refusal to grant planning permission will be held this summer. On Tuesday 6th April, the reporter held a Pre-Inquiry meeting in the Macrobert Hall in Tarland. This was to discuss arrangements for the public sections and agree which features should be heard publicly and which could be decided on the basis of written evidence. NEMT’s Dave Windle and Gordon Strachan were at the meeting, where it was agreed that we would allow the two local groups to take the lead. We are pleased to report that the Reporter appreciated the significance of the landscape issues and, before prompting, had already agreed that this key issue should be dealt with at the public hearing.

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