Update on Pressendye

Lunch break on top of Pressendye

But how much longer can we expect to have the freedom to enjoy this? August saw the Reporter go through the lengthy process of hearing the pros and cons and although Aberdeenshire Council Planning Committee have stated they are opposed to the proposed seven turbine wind farm, we will have to wait until November until the Reporter's findings are made public. He actually made a trip to the top of the hill to see for himself the area being considered. Remember we are looking at not only the planned seven 400 foot turbines but, potentially, a further eighteen spread along what is a lovely open ridge between the Socach and Pressendye itself.

Having been on the hill twice during the past fortnight, I was struck at how busy the area was on my first visit - and that was in mid-week. It is an area of great natural beauty - once described as an "undiscovered gem" between the Dee and Don.

The piece-meal approach to wind farms throughout the country cannot be allowed to continue unabated and at some time, hopefully sooner rather than later, government is going to have to bite the bullet and come up with a coherent and logically constructed national planning policy to stem the current rush towards a rash of ill-conceived farms appearing willy-nilly, sometimes almost overnight!

Gordon Strachan, Treasurer NEMT

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