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In the last edition of Mountain Views (number 69), Dave Windle detailed NEMT's response to the drafts of National Planning Framework 3, Scottish Planning Policy and the Scottish Natural Heritage wild land map developed in conjunction with these. The final documents have now been published. Together they have the potential to ensure that our finest landscapes are better protected. However, they do not offer watertight protection for large areas and it is essential that planning authorities apply the spirit of the relevant sections of NPF3 and the Scottish Planning Policy when making decisions affecting wild land. There are serious concerns that the new arrangements do not go far enough and future conflicts are unavoidable; however the Scottish Government is to be commended for, belatedly, recognising that wild land should not just be exploited for infrastructure developments but that it has other major benefits, both environmental and human.

Wild Land Map

This has been altered somewhat following the consultation. The total area designated as wild land has changed little but some areas designated as wild land have been increased and a new area in Mull has been added. Three significant areas have been removed; these are:

The map showing the additions and removals is available at

Planning policy

Key sections include the following statements:

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