Winter Lectures 2015/16

Oct 2015: James Brownhill - Clouds
James, a professional meteorologist and former TV weather presenter, used a stunning set of photographs to explain the different cloud formations and their relevance to the likely weather to be expected. He capped these photographs with a series featuring Brocken spectres and sun dogs, phenomena created by the sun shining through either fine water droplets or ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere. Many of us have been lucky enough to have photographed one or two of these features, but James showed a truly impressive array of photographs.
Nov 2015: Steve Kentish - A winter journey in the Alps - the Cote d'Azur to Chamonix on ski
Steve entertained us with an account of a long distance mountain ski journey. He conveyed the difference between a journey of this nature with conventional off-piste skiing. Navigation in low cloud was a challenge as was finding and actually getting into some of the huts, when surrounded by high piles of snow. It took some weeks to complete the route and was a fascinating adventure. Steve described it beautifully and had imagining what it was like. He left an appreciative and very envious audience.
Dec 2015: Sandy Allan - The complete first ascent of the Mazeno Ridge on Nanga Parbat
Sandy described a truly epic undertaking. Three years ago, he and Rick Allen became the first people to climb the full ridge and then carry on to the summit. Towards the end, they were running low on both food and water and were lucky to survive. It was an incredible feat of endurance and earned them the coveted Picolet d' Or award. The story itself is gripping and Sandy brought it alive with some excellent photographs and an understated "Highland" commentary.
And a reminder about Sandy Allan's book, In Some Lost Place. If you didn't buy a copy at his lecture, then it is still widely available. It is a fascinating story and truly a "must read".
Jan 2016: Roger Owen - Elbrus: an adventure in the Russian Caucasus
Unfortunately, this lecture had to be cancelled at short notice, due to a family bereavement. We hope to see Roger or Alistair Beeley give this lecture for next winter's lecture season.
Feb 2016: Graham Marr - Exploring old roads on Deeside
As a retirement project, Graham Marr has explored what remains of the Old Deeside Road and written a book on this, thus updating the work of G.M.Fraser around a century ago. Graham showed fascinating slides of the road and structures beside it, many contrasting what is there now with how the places looked historically. He also outlined the work he has undertaken for Scotways on around a century ago the Mounth Passes. His excellent book was reviewed in the last issue of Mountain Views.
Mar 2016: Glenn Roberts - NESBReC: Biological recording for NE Scotland and the Cairngorms
Glenn, the coordinator for the North East, gave an interesting presentation of biological records and how they can be used. He explained how simple it is to for members of the general public to take observations and send them in. He then showed a fascinating sample of the existing records. A lot of discussion ensued on some the strange sightings; including a mountain hare apparently in the lowlands and a pine marten definitely seen in Peterhead harbour! I, for one, intend to join a training day later this year.
Get involved, submit your sightings, it's very simple, for further information and form, go to

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