NEMT WORK PLAN March 2017- April 2018

1. Campaigning: NEMT will:
1.1 Through its membership of Scottish Environment LINK, remain part of LINK's campaign on hill tracks, and engage with LINK over possible campaigns to introduce the licensing of grouse moors and to strengthen the status of the SNH wild land map;
1.2 Work on moorland management, and particularly mountain hare populations;
1.3 Work on deer management, publicising the need to reduce deer populations;
1.4 Support, as appropriate, the work of bodies with similar remits, including the John Muir Trust, Mountaineering Scotland, the Cairngorms Campaign, and Ramblers Scotland.

2. Monitoring: NEMT will:
2.1 Raise with the relevant authorities any problems of public access brought to its attention, and which are relevant to its remit;
2.2 Respond to consultations undertaken by the Scottish Government, the EU and statutory bodies, such as the Cairngorms National Park Authority and Scottish Natural Heritage, and which are relevant to its remit;
2.3 Continue to monitor applications for wind farms and other major infrastructure developments in areas covered by Scottish Natural Heritage's wild land map and other sensitive landscapes. NEMT will comment on, or object, to such applications on a case-by-case basis, prioritising cases in the North East of Scotland;
2.4 Monitor, as part of the LINK group, applications for hill tracks being made to planning authorities under the Prior Notification arrangements for tracks which are permitted development. This monitoring will be extended to cover all hill tracks, including those constructed for small-scale hydro, and will continue commenting to planning authorities on such applications as necessary;
2.5 Monitor the plans put forward by Natural Retreats for developments on Cairngorm Mountain to ensure that these are sensitive to the environment, and will comment on these as relevant.

3. Dissemination
3.1 Two editions of NEMT's newsletter Mountain Views will be published and sent to all Members, as well as being made available for sale at NEMT's lectures and elsewhere.
3.2 Six lectures, open to the public, will be organised on themes such as mountaineering, conservation and natural history between October 2017 and March 2018, with the aim of both education and entertainment.

4. Governance: the NEMT Council will:
4.1 Ensure that this Work Plan is implemented, amending it should circumstances change;
4.2 Regularly review NEMT's financial position, and report to OSCR as required;
4.3 Hold around ten meetings during the period, along with an AGM;
4.4 Work to maintain, and increase, its Individual and Organisational Membership.

This work plan was approved by the NEMT Council on 7 March 2017.

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