Cairngorm Mountain Update

George Allan

Continuing frustration with Cairngorm Mountain's failure to make public a masterplan as required under the Cairngorm and Glenmore Strategy, and HIE’s disinterest in ensuring that this happens, citing commercial confidentiality, has led NEMT to write to two North East MSPs asking for the matter to be raised with the Minister: we await a response. In the meantime, an application has been submitted to renovate and extend the Ptarmigan restaurant. NEMT decided not to object as we did not see strong grounds on which to do so. The earlier application for two dry ski slopes adjacent to the main car park, which NEMT did object to, is still being considered.

This raises the point of how different things would be if Natural Retreats had come in with a less cavalier attitude towards environmental protection and the niceties of the law and a willingness to engage fully with its customers, both actual and potential, and those concerned with the future of the whole area. If it had, the company would have been producing plans which skiers and visitors support and developing these in ways which enhance the environment. Of course it's not too late...!

NEMT has heard no more about the proposal by the Aviemore and Glenmore Community Trust to lodge a bid for a community buyout for the ski area.

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