Grouse Moor Update

Dave Windle

There is nothing new to report here. The Government sits and ponders on how it can blame Covid for going slowly on plans to introduce licensing for grouse moors while the “stewards of the countryside” continue to persecute raptors and slaughter mountain hares. See, for example, on the local Invercauld Estate,

Poisoned eagle with bait on Invercauld estate ©RSPB Scotland


BBC News

Parkwatch blog

The factor’s squirmings as he tried to shift the blame make interesting reading. My advice to him would be to get his staff to stop the persecution and hence avoid the embarrassment, rather than coming up with improbable and demonstrably false arguments.


Work on creating the Tarras Valley Nature Reserve is now well underway following the successful community buy-out of Langholm Moor, a former grouse moor. This is an exciting development, and we will feature annual updates on progress.

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