Glen Dye Moor Consultation

Dave Windle

I have chosen to highlight this particular consultation rather than include it with the others as it is particularly relevant to NEMT. Glen Dye is very much our back yard and visited by most of us. Secondly, carbon offsetting is likely to make a profound impact on our landscape across much of Scotland. By getting involved with Glen Dye, we have an opportunity to understand the key drivers of these projects and contribute to getting things right.

So far, developers have tended to purchase degraded grouse moors, where improvements can be quickly realised. One day, we will be presented with a proposal to carbon offset on land that we think is pretty good as it is. We need to be prepared.

We emailed you a message in September, alerting you to this preliminary consultation and hope that you replied. By the time that you read this, NEMT will have replied but our reply will have missed the deadline for the copy going to print. It will appear in our next issue. Check the Scottish Woodlands website.

The consultation is preliminary and it was only possible to make general observations. However, this will soon change as work starts next year.

Responsible stewardship of the countryside on a driven grouse moor?? Mike Duguid

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