NEMT Strategic Plan 2011 to 2014 - into action

In the last issue of Mountain Views, we took the unusual step of setting out the complete Strategic Plan that NEMT General Council has approved for the next 4 years. A lot of work went into this Plan which is now on our website in our last Journal. We confirm that we are keen to get our Members as involved as possible as we take things forward.

As a reminder, the Plan summarises NEMT's four "Activities and Services for 2011" as:

5.1 Hill Tracks

5.2 Paths in Cairngorms and Remote Coastal Areas

5.3 Conservation and Access Issues

5.4 Engagement

We now report that have taken things forward on 4 fronts, as follows:-

1) We agreed in General Council to spend £2,000 of our reserves on getting key projects going a bit faster. We see this as a form of seed-corn spending that shows potential funding bodies that we're not just sitting back waiting for other people's money but are prepared to invest our own money.

2) We advertised within NEMT Membership to see if any of our Members are interested in working for money rather than as volunteers, albeit within our clearly defined targets. We are now working through replies.

3) We are working on an approach for Lottery Funding.

4) We have drawn up a list of potential sponsors, who we intend to approach during this autumn.

Hopefully by our Autumn issue of Mountain Views we will be onto the next stage. If any readers are interested in becoming more involved please do contact our Chairman, Dave Windle on

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