Scottish Environment LINK and the National Parks

NEMT is a founder member of Scottish Environment LINK, the umbrella body supporting and representing Scotland’s voluntary environment organisations. A number of LINK member bodies met in September to share misgivings about aspects of the performance of the Cairngorms National Park Authority [CNPA]. In broad terms, there are concerns about the following:

The outcome of this September meeting was the establishment of a LINK National Park’s Task Force to address issues related to both the existing parks and possible proposals for future designations. NEMT is a member of this Task Force and supports its work.

Representatives of the voluntary organisations involved are meeting with a group of Park Board members and employees in November to air concerns.

NEMT will be pressing the Park particularly regarding three themes:

  1. Hill Tracks.
  2. Behaviour of some grouse moor estates, particularly in the Angus area, whose policies are creating biodiversity deserts.
  3. How the ‘wildness strategy’ adopted by the Park (described below) will be implemented in practice.

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