NEMT Winter Lectures

Thursday 15th September
Prelude to Everest - Ian R. Mitchell
Ian Mitchell of Mountain Days and Bothy Nights fame gave us a fascinating evening about his latest book on Aberdeen born, 19th Century Alexander Kellas, who could be considered Scotland’s greatest ever Himalayan mountaineer yet who has, to date, been largely neglected. With a forward by Doug Scott there is no doubt this well researched study puts this local man back in his rightful place as a recognised leading figure in the history of mountaineering.
Wednesday 26th October 2011
The Added Dimension to Rock Climbing of Island Hopping - Neil Morrison
Rock climbing trips to a number of islands, mainly Scottish, were shown Including Skye, Erraid, Orkney, Pabbay and Lewis. One or two further afield, In warmer climes (Mallorca and Kalymnos) were being included. Neil has been a significant pioneer of new rock routes, particularly on the North East sea cliffs and other outcrops over a long period of time. He is also the editor of the current SMC Climbing Guide to the North East Outcrops.
Wednesday 23rd November
Wilderness Medicine - Mario Di Maio, Aberdeen Mountain Rescue
After his talk here is Mario Di Maio between Gordon Strachan our Treasurer and David Windle our Chairman. Having been a Member of Aberdeen Mountain Rescue for 41 years and the on-going leader for the last 19 years of these, Mario gave us a totally fascinating evening. Using his insight gained from over 4 decades of dedication he talked about the immediate steps that can be taken, if an accident occurs. He took us through the changes he had seen such as the fact that nearly 30% of call outs in recent times have been to walkers requiring help in the hill not through mountaineering incidents but through health incidents such as heart attacks, strokes etc. Call outs used to occur just in winter months, they are now all year round. One sobering statistic is that on average 46 people die on Scottish Mountains every year.
Wednesday 14th December 2011
Wind Turbines: Good, Bad or Just Plain Ugly - Alan Owen
Alan will give an unbiased view of the economics, practicalities and feasibility of using wind turbines as a source of energy in the future.
Wednesday 18th January 2012
Travels in the Mountains - Drennan Watson
Not so much about the mountains as the people that live there, this talk is a description of the experiences of the pressures on the people who live in these remote areas. Drennan will cover how they are responding to the developments of their lives which are often brought about by the influx of mountaineers and eventually the associated tourists.
Wednesday 15th February 2012
Developments on the Marr Lodge Estate - Peter Holden
Peter tells us about the physical development of the estate since the take over by the National Trust for Scotland. Plans for the future including the management policy with regard to wildlife on the estate will be outlined and the problems of carrying it out discussed.
Wednesday 14th March 2012
Mixed Emotions - the Art of Modern Winter Climbing - Guy Robertson
A “tour” of the best areas, venues and routes for modern mixed climbing, with a description of some of his most favourite / memorable ascents will mark out end to this seasons lectures.

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