Derry Lodge to become a 'Mountain Hostel'?

Dave Windle

The National Trust for Scotland has submitted a planning application to the Cairngorms National Park Authority for Derry Lodge to be refurbished as a staffed mountain hostel. The proposal is seen as addressing two problems. Firstly, what to do with a listed building which is which is slowly deteriorating. Secondly, the growth of camping in the area is leading to a fire risk, anti-social behaviour and problems of human waste. The plans include a toilet accessible to the public. It is suggested that the hostel could provide an alternative to camping for some and that staff could have a role in reducing problems in the vicinity. It is proposed that only pre-booking would be allowed and that those using the hostel would have to access it on foot or by pony. NEMT missed the application determination deadline but, as we had decided not to object the proposal, this was not problematic. The following comments were submitted to the Park and to the Manager at Mar Lodge:

The applications (numbers 2016/0227/DET and 2016/0228/LBC) are available in the planning section of the Park's website.

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