Dave Windle


So much for voluntary restraint! Yet again, the SLE shows its disdain for the public interest!
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I suspect that many of you will have seen this post on the Parkswatch website. It mentions the OneKind petition. I hope that you will have signed up to this petition. If not, please do so.

Parkswatch sheds light on current attitudes in the Park Authority.

Eleanor Mackintosh, Board member, suggests that the solution is for gamekeepers to take greater care in covering up their activities! Well, that's an interesting slant! Hamish Trench, Director of Conservation, states that the killing was part of a managed cull, despite knowing that there is currently no reliable way of determining hare numbers and hence whether or not the cull could be justified and also that the SLE had agreed to a "voluntary restraint".

Recently, a story about snaring appeared on the BBC News. Snaring has not been a problem in my experience, but any additional protection is a good thing.

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