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A Quality Future for Mountaineers and Hill-Walkers


The UK Governmemt has a £1 billion scheme to cover remote, scenic and wild areas with mobile phone masts across Scotland, including Glenlui, Knoydart and Torridon, despite being unwanted by local government, landowners and NGOs.

Consequences of this are:

  • Diesel generator noise and pollution 24/7
  • Huge waste of public purse
  • Disturbance of fragile habitat and nature
  • Construction in the last of UK wilderness
  • Redundant within 2 years (superceded by 4G over satellite)

Read what you can do here

Have you come across issues in the hills or on our coastal cliffs you'd like to highlight to the Trust or other walkers and climbers?  We'd really like to hear about them.  Our FaceBook Group is a forum for you to use for this at: North East Mountain Trust | Facebook

Mountaineering and Hill-walking are amongst Scotland's most popular pastimes. In the North East, we are privileged to have access to some of Scotland's finest mountains, with outdoor options ranging from short strolls to as much adventure as any of us could ever wish for.

Modern legislation is leading to more consultations. There are more opportunities for all of us to get involved. There is more information to be read and digested. There are more documents to be commented on. You can do these things by yourself but, for many of us, the best way is as part of a like-minded team.

NEMT was set up in 1980 to ensure that we can influence how our mountains are managed and used. It acts as an umbrella group, representing groups of clubs making a co-operative team effort.

If we are to continue to enjoy our favourite pastime, it is imperative we are fully aware of developments and do not put our heads in the sand. NEMT provides a vehicle for involvement in the debates that are shaping the future of our heritage.

Remember ... "You don't know what you've got till it's gone."

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